Audit & Advice

A Wordpress website audit is great for providing peace of mind plus direction and prioritisation for improvements of established websites (i.e. what may need to be refreshed). 

They are also used get an idea of any baseline issues you should be making to your site during a redesign.

I work predominantly in WordPress, but can also audit other website CMS and platforms too!

My wordpress website audits can provide impartial, technical advice and I can also assist with implementing any recommendations. 

What's involved in a Wordpress Website Audit?

As part of this service I conduct an audit of your website’s front and backend to provide advice on:

Website structure and navigation improvements.
Design flaws that may be impacting user experience (e.g. font size, colour positioning of elements).
Advice on updating and maintaining the backend of Wordpress including recommendations for additional plugins or other tools.
Basic advice on improving page speed and page load.
The audit would provide a list of items that could be improved, which you can either; choose to implement yourself or I can (for an additional fee)!  It is likely that most may be able to be corrected by you.

This service is suited to:

New website owners wanting to get an idea of the status of their site.
Established business owners looking to refresh an existing website but not sure what they should include.
This audit does not specifically include any elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Please refer to my SEO services for audits relating specifically to SEO.

Get peace of mind that your site is up to scratch with an audit!

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