SEO Services

SEO Services for Small Business ensure that you have the right tools and structure in place for SEO making it much easier for you to rank in search engines. Managing this yourself can be tricky and downright confusing, so let me do it for you!

My SEO Services for Small Business will help with setting up your WordPress site for SEO or to optimise your already existing site.

SEO Basics for Wordpress

I can ensure your WordPress site has a solid technical SEO foundation. I'll assess and revise URL structure, meta tags, robots.txt, sitemap, content, tools, data collection, and more. As part of this service I will:

Ensure your site has SEO-friendly Wordpress configuration.
Set Up Google Search Console, your robots.txt file and xml sitemap
This service does not cover On Page Optimisation or SEO auditing - please refer to SEO On Page Optimisation for this service.

SEO On Page Optimisation

Are you not happy with how you rank in Google but have no idea where to start to improve? I can assess your site and select up to 10 pages to complete On Page Optimisation to make you more discoverable. As part of this service I will:

Determine the best 10 pages on your site to perform optimisation (larger sites may require more to be optimised)
Perform Keyword Research/Mapping to find high-volume keywords that are easy to target and which suit your website’s niche.
Perform an SEO audit on the 10 selected pages to clearly define what’s working, what’s not, and action steps on what to work on first.
Complete Optimisation by actioning the audit findings for the 10 selected pages.
Please note that this service does not include setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console or any other analytics service. For help with this aspect of SEO, please refer to my other SEO Services.
Pricing & Packages

Just need some help with setting up Google Analytics or Google Business Profile? No worries!

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is the most popular tool to measure website data to gather visitor insights. With it, you will be able to know the amount of traffic you are getting, and how your visitors are behaving inside your website. Setting it up can be tricky for non-techy people, but I can help with that!

Add Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 to your site (including creating a GA4 property if needed).
Set up and track custom events in Google Analytics 4 relevant to your site.
Provide handover information to staff who will be managing Google Analytics on an ongoing basis.
Improving page speed and page load.
Please note that this service does not include ongoing reporting or review of results, however, it can be provided at an additional cost should you require it.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile account is fundamental for businesses that have a physical presence (either in a brick-and-mortar location or by servicing an area) as it allows potential customers to easily find you when googling for businesses in your area.

I can either set up a completely new Google Business Profile account, or optimise an already existing account. Should you need help keeping this maintained I can also do that on an ongoing basis.

Make sure customers and clients can find you online with SEO Services for Small Business.

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