Logo Design & Branding Services

Maintaining a consistent brand across all the platforms you appear (website, social media, print media and your product itself) is critical for cultivating trust and loyalty with your audience. Your branding should be aligned with your content and product, anything else creates confusion and distrust! I love creating logos and branding assets - scroll down to see packages I offer and pricing. Please also feel free to contact me for a custom quote for your small business logo design Perth. 

My branding and logo services packages are listed below, but can also be customised with any other service I offer - just ask!

Small Business Logo Design Perth Pricing

Logo Design

Custom logo designed to your specifications (e.g. print/website/social media)
Logo delivered in .ai, .png and .pdf formats

$150 per logo
Branding Package

3 Logos (Primary, Secondary & Alternate)
Website Favicon
1 Page Style Guide (fonts & logos)
2 Social Media Platform Avatars 
2 Social Media Platform Banners/Backgrounds
$750 per brand
Social Media Assets

1 Avatar/Profile Picture
1 Profile Banner
$150 per platform

Legacy vs Refreshed Logo

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