Graphic Design Pricing

As well as logos and branding, my graphic design Perth services also include document design, infographics and brochure development.  I can review and redesign presentations, document templates and other internal documentation as well. 

Need help jazzing up your internal or external communications documents? Or want to rebrand your reports? I can help!

Infographics & Brochures

Infographics and brochures are a great way to display complex ideas or alot of information in an easily understood way, rather than a long wall of text. To make collaboration and review super simple, I develop infographics for a range of industries in Canva, and handover the design to you to collaborate with your team and reuse as may times as you like!

Prices for graphic design Perth start at $300 for a simple infographic or brochure. Please contact me for a custom quote for your project.

Quick Use Style Guide
for one brand

1 - 2 Pages
Fonts & Colours included
Logo assets to be supplied
Social Media Assets to be supplied
Basic Instructions on Use of Assets 
$300 per guide
Custom Infographic or Brochure

Customised Infographic
Development & Collaboration in Canva

Training & handover
$300 per asset
Document Templates

Package can be developed for a custom quote for your documentation 
Microsoft Office & Google Suites
$75 per hour

Can't find what you're looking for? I'd love to hear what you need help with.

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