September 29, 2022

What is Google Business Profile & Why Is It Important?

You know that little info card that pops up on the right of the screen for businesses when you search? That sometimes has events, products and offers listed in it? That little box of infomation is a Google Business Profile (GBP) and is pretty essential for any business dealing directly with customers. Unfortunately at the moment, those businesses that do not offer products directly to customers cannot have GBP listing, for example businesses that are purely online, like directory websites.

GBP is free and easy to set up and manage! Let’s dive in to what it offers that makes it essential for any business.

Why is it so important?

You've probably heard internet professionals like me, and marketers harp on about how important it is to optimise your website for Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst this is very true, another tool in your marketing belt should be GBP. Straight from the horses mouth, Google lists the following as benefits of having a GBP:

  • Own your business on Google and speak for yourself.
  • Practical and easy to manage.
  • It's free!
  • Signing up is simple.
  • Get insights on how customers find your business.

GBP will ensure that people find your business when looking for the types of products and services you offer in their local area. This is very true for when a potential customer conducts a search like 'x service near me'. If you have a GBP, your business and all its information will show up on the search results in maps!

The best person to control what information get out there about your business is you, so you should be in control of your GBP. Your business may be listed on Google, but if you don't have control over what is posted, or it stays static forever, then you are not getting the full benefits. GBP profiles have strong SEO, and will likely rank above other websites that may have outdated information. 

Another good feature of GBP is that customers and clients can submit reviews, helping you establish trust and credibility with your brand. You can also respond to reviews to clarify your position if you get unfavourable feedback, or just to say thanks very much for someone who has left a particularly nice message.

How Do I Get One?

Convinced you need to get your GBP sorted? Don't worry it's simple and relatively quick to get everything set up! I've put together a demo tutorial on how to set it up in about 5 mins in the video below, but if you aren't a fan of walk throughs, keep reading for a step by step on how to set it up for the first time.

How to find and set up GBP

  1. Open a new chrome browser, signed in under the account that you want to manage your business from.
  2. For completely new set ups, in Google, search for 'Google Business Profile'. Click 'Manage Now' and follow the Set Up Wizard.
  3. For GBP that are already set up but need to be reviewed, click the dot menu in the top right of your Chrome browser and scroll down until you see the 'Business Profile' app. Click it and it will take you to the profile associated with that account.
  4. For businesses that are in Google and you would like to manage or request ownership follow this guide from Google.

Don't have the time to set up and manage your Google Business Profile? I can help you get set up, and I can also offer ongoing management. 

I hope this was helpful! Post any question in the comments or contact me.

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